Difference Between Syria and Assyria

Syria is a large Arab country, and holds great importance in the international politics. Assyria, on the other hand, is not a country, but an ancient civilization. This the prime difference between Syria and Assyria.

Assyria was a part of Syria once, but the civilization lost its identity after the Arabs entered Iraq and Syria many centuries ago. One can however still find the roots of this civilization in Syria.

Most of the Syrian citizens speak Arabic, but there is still a bunch of individuals who speak Aramaic, which was actually the primary language of the people of Assyria. A few areas of Assyria are still part of Syria, such as the Eastern Mediterranean and Syrian Desert.


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    Assyria has a very long history. It was a group of Semitic people who spent many years in the area which is now called as modern Syria. It has also been proved that the Assyrians had roots even in what is now known as modern-day Iraq. This civilization was present on the surface of the earth before the arrival of the Arabs in Assyria.

    It was a large kingdom right between the two famous rivers; Furat and Dajla. There are no exact figures available, but it is believed that this civilization was present between the 23rd century BC and 608 BC. The kingdom came to existence in Mesopotamia, which is now a part of Iraq. All this happened after the decline of the Akkadian kingdom.

    The historians believe that after the fall of Akkadian kingdom, a couple of kingdoms came into being and one of them was Assyria. It was built in the north, while the other kingdom built in the south was Babylon. Assyria is also known as Athura and Asuristan.

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    With 90 percent Muslim population, Syria is a Muslim country in Western Asia, having borders with Lebanon, Mediterranean Sea, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel. It is officially known as Syrian Arab Republic.

    Damascus is the capital of Syria, and it is considered to be one of the oldest cities on earth. Majority of Syria consists of Muslims, but there are notable minorities as well. Among the major minorities in Syria are Christians and Druze.

    The country formally got independence in April, 1946. It was declared as a parliamentary republic after the First World War, in which Syria played a crucial role.

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