Difference between Meringue and Pavlova

Meringue and Pavlova are two different types of desserts. Meringue is made from egg. Egg whites are beaten, with the addition of sugar, giving it a cream-like texture and look, and then baked. Some types of Meringue use acid and vinegar to give a different taste. On the other hand, Pavlova is also a dessert that uses Meringue as an important part in its preparation. Meringue is therefore an ingredient in Pavlova basically.


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    Meringue is made ​​of sweetened whipped egg whites. Meringues are prepared in a condition that they get enough heat. A normal heating should be about 100 ° C to make the dessert fully dried. The process of preparation usually takes more than an hour or two, and the final outcome should stay white to pale yellow. The meringue is a very thin pastry and is usually light due to its creamy form. Despite the type and location, it consists solely of a mixture of egg whites and sugar. A little acid may be added in the form of lemon or lime. There can be some variations in the amount of sugar but egg are an integral part of it, which is intended to give it foamy look creamy taste.

    The preparation process of Meringue can take up to two hours, normally. The item is extremely nutritious as the foam created in it has egg white, which is the one of the important sources of protein. Experts say that the dose of sugar in Meringue should be about 40-100 g per egg white, assuming a white with an average weight of 30 g and knowing that white can dissolve only 50 grams of sugar.

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    Pavlova is a dessert filled with cream and fruit cake made from a meringue. The dessert is popular both in Australia and New Zealand and is considered a national dish in both countries. Both countries claim the invention of the cake, but by some credible accounts, the dish was first introduced in New Zealand.

    Pavlova is made ​​by whipping egg whites, giving it a cream-like form and look. The egg white is then mixed with sugar, vinegar white (if you want to give it a better taste), the Cornstarch and sometimes vanilla.

    When baked, the outside of the Pavlova becomes crisp. Its inside remains soft even after preparation. Pavlova is typically adorned with whipped cream and fruit sweet, strawberry and kiwi fruit or banana. Some people in New Zealand and Australian use berries and slices of peach to give it new taste. If you are having trouble making Pavlova, you can also buy ready-made item at a supermarket and a powdered product which you add with water and sugar to make the meringue base.

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