Difference between Doctrine and Dogma

Doctrine and Dogma are two different types of religious teachings commonly used by the church. Dogmas are considered hard and more important as they cannot be challenged. However, doctrine teachings consist of divine faith which can be Protestant or Catholic. The core values of religion can be found in dogma as people cannot oppose anything that relates to fundamental teachings of a particular faith. Both these terms are often used side by side and get the same level of respect by true followers. It is often considered that dogmas have come directly from Jesus Christ.


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    Doctrines are described as teachings of the church. These teachings may not be central thoughts or beliefs regarding the existence of faith or the church. However, these teachings play a vital role to hold society together. According to scholars, some doctrines might not be that important to hold the rubric of faith in a unified manner, but overall it is essential that society gives some respect to doctrines as well. With the advancement of learning, the church has also diversified itself from original teachings up to some level. When the church gives opinions on our individual role to preserve the environment by making futuristic policies, this teaching might be considered as type of doctrine as it does not deal with faith. The issue of environment in any church does not apply directly on faith or the doctrine of religion itself. Doctrine teachings up to a certain level can be changed with adherence by all the faithful followers. To understand doctrine, it is very important to understand that teachings consist of divine faith which can be Protestant or Catholic.

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    Dogma beliefs or teachings are harder and more important than doctrines. These teachings cannot be changed and are considered fundamental elements of any faith or religion. You cannot contradict dogmas but if someone does not believe or raises a question, he or she is forced or expelled from that particular faith. Holy scripts are also considered dogmas like different types of commands directly coming from Christ. These teachings which are basically beliefs regarding salvation from God cannot be changed or modified.

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