Difference between Justice and Mercy

Life is short and unfortunately many people waste it on petty issues or fighting over insignificant things. It is best that one enjoys life and treats others with respect.

Unfortunately there is the presence of crime in all parts of the world and in order to curb it, a system of law and justice is in place. In order to maintain and protect citizens, courts have been made to help those that need it. Courts deal with cases of petty theft to large fraud and cases related to other criminal activities such as kidnapping and murder. They provide citizens with a sense of security and a means to have their rights protected against criminal activity.

You often hear the terms justice and mercy when we talk about criminal cases. The two have a strong relationship between them but have a completely different function.

Justice looks to dispose of the matter in a just manner. A person who is not guilty will be let go while a person who is at fault will be given his or her due punishment. There will be no leniency shown to such a person.

Mercy on the other hand encourages a show of compassion and forgiveness. If a person has committed a crime, it is suggested that the person may be forgiven or the level of punishment be reduced.


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    Justice calls for an eye for an eye. A person who has committed a crime must pay for it. It is, however, impossible to deliver complete justice and humans are not capable of understanding all factors behind a crime or the factors leading up to it.

    It also calls for the oppressed to be provided with their rights and if someone is falsely accused, that person should not be kept behind bars.

    It is important that those who choose crime as a profession, are brought to justice. There are still loopholes in the justice systems all over the world that allow criminals to go unscathed.

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    Mercy demands that compassion be shown even if a person has committed a crime. The term is often used for criminals on death row or who have been punished harshly. Major religions of the world have also encouraged mercy and a show of compassion as a better way though the ultimate decision is at the hands of the aggrieved party.

    All legal systems in the world have ways in which mercy can be shown to the accused or the convicted.

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