Difference Between Transport Chair and Wheelchair

There have been many issues that have been created by the scientific advancements that humans have so far made. However, the issues are generally outnumbered by the usefulness that you are receiving. This is particularly true about the field of medicine where there have been so many improvements that have made life better for many.

Previously it was a problem to move those who were ill or did not have the ability to move on their own temporarily or on a permanent basis. The arrival of wheelchairs and transport chairs made that a lot easier and made a big difference in the lives of many.

The two are similar concepts and operate a similar function but there are certain differences between the two that make them different from each other.

A wheelchair is a moving chair with four wheels made in such a manner that the person sitting on it can move it him or herself. On the other hand, a transport chair also has four wheels but there is a need that a second person moves it for the person sitting on it.

The wheels of a wheelchair are in sets of two. There are generally two large and two small wheels in order to make sure that travel is easy. However, the wheels of the transport chairs are generally of the same size.

Wheelchairs are made of various materials including steel frame and the rest is made of plastic, vinyl and other materials. Wheelchairs are a touch heavy. The transport chairs are quite light and are often made from aluminum though they may be made from steel.

These are mostly used by individuals who can use their upper body to move it and often these can be made as per the needs of the individual. On the other hand, the transport chairs generally come with standard features and are mostly for use in hospitals.


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    Transport Chair

    These are mostly used in hospitals and a second person is needed to move them. It is generally used to transport patients who are weak or have been advised not to move around themselves. Individuals with the inability to walk and who are unable to move the chair themselves also use these with the assistance of others.

    - Image Courtesy: homedequip.com

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    Wheel Chair

    A wheelchair is an excellent mode of transportation for someone who can move his or her upper body but cannot use the legs on temporary or permanent basis. The person using it can move it themselves without any need of assistance.

    Generally there is a good breaking mechanism put in place so that no untoward incident takes place.

    - Image Courtesy: made-in-china.com

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