Difference Between Tabloid and Broadsheet

Tabloid and broadsheet are formats used by newspapers. There are many key distinctions between them, but the similarity is that both formats are popular and print media widely uses them to attract audiences with varying interests and demands.

The main difference between the two formats is size. Broadsheet newspaper is typically 20 to 22 inches long and 10 to 12 inches wide. On the other hand, tabloid is typically narrower than broadsheet, measuring in at 11 x 17.

Broadsheet provides its readers with a more detailed coverage of stories and typically features longer articles. On the other hand, tabloids do not focus on in-depth coverage of stories and often promote sensationalism. Given the different target audience, tabloid stories focus more on photographs and images, rather than written content.

The language used in broadsheet is grammatically superior to that of tabloids. The reporters and editors working in broadsheet newspapers are usually more qualified and experienced than those working for tabloids. The readership of tabloids is also less educated and generally includes youth and people from the working class.

Broadsheet papers cover stories from every industry, such as business, politics, fashion, education, and sports. On the other hand, tabloids usually focus on fashion, showbiz and sports industries.


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    Tabloid is the word used for a newspaper format. The standard size of a tabloid is typically smaller than broadsheet, making it easy to carry. The use of tabloid-sized newspapers increased so much after their introduction, that the term tabloid journalism was coined.

    Tabloid journalism, today, stands as a distinct form of journalism, attracting a large number of readers in almost every country. The stories covered in tabloid newspapers are usually sensational and full of images and photographs.

    With sensationalism being its hallmark, tabloid journalism attracts less educated readers. That is why broadsheet newspapers and other forms of journalism have distanced themselves from sensationalism. Tabloid, right from the start, has been more popular in the United Kingdom than any other country.

    Some of the most popular tabloid newspapers are Dailymail (United Kingdom), The Sun (United Kingdom), New York Daily News, New York Daily Mirror and the New York Evening Graphic.

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    Broadsheet newspapers follow a standard paper size that typically measures 20 to 22 inches long and 11 to 12 inches wide. Broadsheet offers detailed stories, but relies less on images and photographs. The language used in these papers is usually professional and free of catchy phrases. Readers of broadsheet papers not only belong to educated class, but also working class from urban areas.

    Some of the popular broadsheet papers are The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Guardian from United Kingdom.

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