Difference Between TAFE and University

Given that both are learning institutions, people often find it hard to differentiate between TAFE and University. However, significant difference exists between both of these institutes. Both TAFE and University differ greatly from each other in terms of the level and quality of education as well as the duration for the numerous courses offered.

TAFE’s full form is Technical and Further Education and it is extremely popular in Australia and Canada. The basic difference between TAFE and University is that the latter offers a degree to the students that are enrolled in different programs whereas TAFE gives diplomas and certificates. Most importantly the learning done in TAFE can be easily applied in practical life as there is ample things to learn in an organisation even after obtaining your degree.

A university offers a 4 year graduate program or a 2 year masters program while the courses offered in TAFE are vocational. The skills learned in TAFE are designed to be easily learned and carried in to the workplace. The basic purpose of TAFE is to raise the competency level of a student and to ensure that he or she gets the same level of skills that is possessed by another candidate after the completion of the course.

In some cases, TAFE offers a graduate level degree or a High Diploma to their candidates while a University offers graduate and post graduate programs. If, after obtaining a diploma from TAFE, a candidate wants to pursue higher education, he/she would have to fill the gap by earning credit points and they would be allowed to register in their favourite course.

The objective of the university is to provide theoretical knowledge to a student with little support of some practical knowledge. In contrast, TAFE concentrates solely on developing the practical skills of a student. Nevertheless, the qualification earned by a student from a particular university is considered to be far superior to that of TAFE.


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    TAFE is an educational institute that issues diplomas and certificates to candidates after they have passed a particular course. The purpose of TAFE is to enhance the practical knowledge base of a student so that they can use it while they are on the job.

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    It is a higher educational institute that offers graduate and post-graduate programs to students. It also tends to improve student’s familiarity with theoretical knowledge.

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