Difference Between Tourism Management and Hospitality Management

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world. Many people like to see the world and travel not just nationally but also internationally for this purpose. This means that there is a lot of need of people who can help these enthusiasts in their endeavours so that they can have a memorable trip. It is not an easy task and professionals have to work hard to make sure that everything moves in the right direction.

Tourism management and hospitality management are two important aspects that you often hear about when it comes to such tours. These are both slightly different yet crucial parts of the industry without whom the industry will simply cease to exist.

Tourism management is related to the process of making sure that the tourist has a smooth journey from the word go. This starts from the travel to the destination to their stay and making sure that they get to see most of the tourists attractions.

On the flip-side, the hospitality management looks into the manner in which a tourist lodges and makes sure that they do not have any issues with their stay during their travel.

The scope of tourism management is large and blankets all the aspects of the tourism whereas the hospitality management has a comparatively smaller scope and looks into aspects related with the lodging of the tourist.


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    Tourism Management

    It is important that the person in charge for this task is experienced and preferably is qualified in the field. Many large organisations offer complete tourism package including tickets, boarding and lodging, food and all the trips within the given tour. You can find many of them online.

    It is a complex field and all aspects have to be carefully dealt with in order for the trip to be a success. It also deals with the promotion of the services as well as the area in which the given organisation is operating.

    Often large hotels partner with such organisations in order to increase their business and the ventures are mostly very successful.

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    Hospitality Management

    The field looks to deal with the hospitality that is provided by a motel or a hotel to its clients. This includes each and every aspect of the stay that the guests will have from food to laundry to hygiene and what not. It can also have an additional duty of managing the travel of the guests in certain cases.

    The field also deals with constant improvement of the services and makes sure that the experience continuously improves.

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