Difference Between Travel Agent and Tour Operator

Vacations are probably the most fun part of any year since one has no tensions of work and can enjoy the time on his or her own. Many people look to relax during this brief period. There are many people who want to see the world and plan trips to go places.

Some of these can be local while others can be overseas. Whichever trip you choose, you must have all the arrangements in place so that when you actually get there, you can thoroughly enjoy the experience.

In order to make sure, it is best that the arrangements are left to a professional. For this purpose, a travel agent or a tour operator can be engaged. These two terms are often used side by side and taken as synonyms but there are some differences.

A tour operator is someone who arranges for all the logistics and boarding for your trip. They handle all the necessary reservations so that you get your booking on the time and dates that you want. These can include tickets, boarding and lodging, food, places that you will see and other important travel details. A travel agent is someone who further outsources the job or simply has a number of tour operators on the panel from whom the packages are purchased.

The amount of money that a tour operator makes is quite obviously more than a travel agent who is only providing the services as a middle man.


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    Travel Agent

    Travel agents are available in all parts of the world. They serve the purpose of providing you with the details of various vacations packages that may be available within a given budget. Since they have many tours available with them at a given time, they can offer you plenty of choices.

    They do charge a fair amount of money but in the end of the day, the tour is well arranged and there are many issues that you do not have to face.

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    Tour Operator

    Tour operator is someone who plans a tour for clients and makes all the necessary arrangements that are related to that tour.

    They generally have limited options since they take care of everything from the very start of the trip to your return. If you have planned on visiting a specific area and are not open to options, tour operators are your best bet.

    They do charge a handsome amount of money but it is well worth it.

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