What is Hypertensive Atherosclerosis Cardiovascular Disease

Hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (HACD) is a heart problem that is caused by hardening of arteries, which can be due to different reasons. It can be due to formation of lipid in the arteries and generally the process starts in the childhood of a person. The only difference in hypertensive and other type of atherosclerotic heart diseases is that in case of this problem the major cause is high blood pressure or high blood pressure can be a direct result because of this problem. It is more dangerous and fatal than other types of heart diseases.


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    Hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease is a type of atherosclerotic heart problems, which can be caused by high blood pressure or high blood pressure can be direct result of this problem.

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    Hypertensive type of atherosclerotic disease is caused by hardening or even blockage of arteries, due to formation of lipid around the arteries that makes their inner space very small, and sometimes they are blocked altogether. In simple terms the level of cholesterol increases in the arteries that make passage of blood and fluids almost impossible or difficult if they are not blocked completely.

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    The problem with this type of heart diseases is that they are undetectable until very end. The problem is diagnosed when the person suffers a heart attack, stroke or other similar problem. It is therefore always recommended that doctor should be consulted whenever there is change in the blood pressure level or any pain in any area of chest.

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    This disease and other all types of heart diseases are dangerous and fatal, especially if they are not diagnosed and treated at early stage. Since this disease involves high blood pressure problem, the impact on the patient happens quicker than in case of other problems.

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    Generally, the cause of the problem starts at very early stage, when the level of cholesterol starts increasing in the arteries. The main cause of high cholesterol is consumption of unsafe food, the food which is rich in sugar, fats and other such chemicals. Since the person is unaware about the problem, the process of the cause is ongoing until the person enters the final stage.

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    Sometimes the cause of problem is family history. In case parents have been through this problem, they should get their children inspected at a regular basis. The examination of blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol is one of the general methods to know if these signs indicate occurring of hypertensive heart diseases at any stage in the future. In case of a family history, a special care should be taken in the dietary intake, because eating high cholesterol and sugar food products is one of the causes of the problem.

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