Difference between Uggs and Bearpaw

Everyone looks for comfort while staying trendy and wearing good quality shoes plays a vital role in enhancing the appearance of the outfit. In Australia, people always prefer purchasing Uggs and Bearpaw especially in winter season in order to keep their feet warm and dry. Both Uggs and Bearpaw are made of the animal skin, mostly of sheep and kangaroo fur. Many people fail to identify these either types or brands of shoes and consider them as the same. However, with close observation you will find many differences between these two fashionable shoes for winter season.

The most important element that creates difference between Uggs and Bearpaw is their cost. Uggs are very costly as you have to spend almost 120 US dollars for purchasing average quality of Uggs while you will get Bearpaw shoes for just around 70 US dollars.

The manufacturer of Uggs use fleece inside the shoes and also on the surface that gives it a fascinating touch. Bearpaw may have resemblance with Uggs but the manufacturers do not make a frequent use of fleece.


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    In Australia, Uggs have become very famous because of their top quality and fascinating design. Uggs shoes are usually made of sheep skin and kangaroo fur; a layer of fleece covers the surface of these shoes. Uggs provide warmth to feet as they lessen the moisture in winter season. The stitches are visible on the surface of Uggs that help in identifying these shoes. Because of their high price, these shoes have become a status symbol.

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    Bearpaw shoes have also become very famous over the years especially for their pocket friendly prices. These leather shoes are used in winter and do not require people to use socks. There are a huge number of customers who love to wear Bearpaw because of their economical prices and good quality. Bearpaw shoes are available in different designs that attract people.

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