Difference Between Venue and Jurisdiction

When it comes to legal proceedings, there are many terms that are used which can be quite challenging. Sometimes these can be confusing and one must be at home with them as well as the procedures in order to be able to have a smooth sailing in legal affairs. The whole procedure is based on strict rules that must be followed and it is crucial that one understands these rules.

Often there is a lot of discussion about the jurisdiction and venue when it comes to legal cases. Both certainly have their importance and should be clearly understood. The two terms are often used together but are quite different and should not be taken as synonyms. Since these two terms deal with legal issues regarding a particular area, people get confused as to their actual meaning.

Jurisdiction is the area of operation that a certain authority looks after and has control of in the given matter. Venue on the other hand is the place where legal proceedings will take place.

It is possible that the venue and the jurisdiction of a certain matter are different and it does not affect the case in any way.


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    It is the location in which the case is heard. Generally it is the same area in which the matter took place or the crime was committed. In certain cases, it may be another geographical location but that generally is not the case.

    There are clearly defined laws the world over in this matter and venues for legal proceedings are decided accordingly.

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    It is the geographical location in which a certain authority may operate within the given framework. It also means the power that may be awarded to a person in a certain matter to provide justice.

    The word comes from Latin and is a combination of iuris which means law and dicere which means to speak.

    The term is generally used for the area of influence under a given law enforcement agency in order to avoid confusion. Every law enforcement agency has its own jurisdiction that is clearly marked and should not be violated by other agencies. Violating the jurisdiction in itself is considered a crime and actions done in such manner can be declared illegal and the personnel involved can be tried in the court of law.

    There are several types of jurisdictions including local, national and international as well as political.

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