Difference Between Voice Assistant Siri and Vlingo

Smart phones have evolved tremendously in the past few years and more features are being added to them with every passing day. From entertainment and fun-filled games to mind blowing applications, smart phones have changed the entire experience of having a cell phone in your pocket. The introduction of voice control in the smart phones was also one of such revolutionary step.

The voice assistant feature introduced by iPhone 4S is called Siri while Vlingo is an application for Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Window’s Phones. Both software detect voice and perform tasks according to the instructions given by the user. According to experts, some technologies were also present in the market before the arrival of voice assistant Siri and Vlingo but as these two software hit the market, rest of the technologies vanished. Although the purpose of both these applications is the same, there are certain differences which distinguish them from one another.

The most interesting feature which has made Siri popular is its ability to operate interactively. The Apple iPhone voice assistant actually talks back to the user, creating a unique interactive experience rather than being a boring voice command tool. Siri’s uniqueness includes its capability of understanding location and context based commands as well. It responds proactively to the voice commands given and never let you feel talking to a robot. Siri has the ability to perform a number of tasks, including sending text messages, finding directions, setting reminders, browsing the internet to search for a piece of information, look up work and home locations, checking weather, sending emails, scheduling meetings, finding contacts from the phonebook, track stocks, setting alarms and a lot more.

Vlingo also operates on voice command and performs functions as per directed by the user. However, this application is not an interactive one and simply performs the tasks given to it, showing lack of understanding of normal conversation. The thing which goes against Vlingo is that if this application is running on your phone and someone sitting beside you talks in a louder voice, Vlingo starts taking commands from that person as well.

Vlingo is therefore less user friendly and lacks the level of interactive operation as Siri does.


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    Siri is more user friendly voice controlled application used by Apple’s iPhone and can be operated comprehensively by people of all ages. All you need to do is install this app and provide commands in your voice and Siri will do as per the instructions.

    - Image Courtesy: engadget.com

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    Vlingo is the other voice assistance smart phone application but it has limited number of functions.

    - Image Courtesy: blog.vlingo.com

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