What is a Mediator and what do They Do

Mediation is a process and a legal term to resolve certain disputes between two or more parties that may be of various types. From divorce to diplomatic issues, mediation is used in all forms and sorts to bring out solutions and find a middle path between the affected parties to resolve the matter in the most impartial way possible while keeping all interests of all sides in mind.

This has been seen a lot in sports recently as labour unions of major sporting leagues like the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Hockey Association (NHL) in the United States, have all used mediators to negotiate terms and conditions of workforce with their respective authorities. Mediation may not always work out, but in most cases is the best possible way to find a pathway to solve problems being faced anywhere.


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    The third party support which is being offered to solve the problem is known as a mediator. It may consist of just one person or a team of mediators that come in, listen to the issues of all the involved parties and act impartially to solve those issues. The great thing about having a mediator solve problems is that it is private and confidential along with having neutral parties facilitate all sides instead of having someone that may be bias towards decision making for either party.

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    Playing Judge

    After their services are hired, mediators work as judges by listening to the issues of all parties involved and try to the best of their abilities to make a judgment. This judgment is made while keeping all interests of the all the involved parties in mind and staying as impartial as possible in the situation. Every scenario is different and mediator judgments are not always approved by both sides, but in most conditions, they are the most favourable on a larger scale.

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    In case mediation does not work out well, mediators have the option of offering choices to the affected parties and then, they can opt for taking the situation to the courts for a final decision made according to law by an actual judge. Obviously the judgments made by a mediator are not final in any case, but in the court of law, they most definitely are and cannot be backtracked upon, which is my parties often choose to go with a mediator first before approaching a court.

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