Dragon Mart Shops Dubai Overview

If you want to buy variety of products at very reasonable prices in an expensive city like Dubai, then Dragon Mart is the best possible option. Dragon Mart is 1.2 kilometre-long and is located on the Hatta – Al Ain highway, Dubai. It was formed on December 7, 2004 and was further expanded in 2005. It is one of the massive shopping malls in the world known for bargaining. This uniquely designed mall is the immeasurable trading hub for sine quality Chinese products. They offer very low prices as compared to rest of the Dubai market. The Dragon Mart Dubai is a symbol of realization of the unbreakable long-term relationship between the UAE and Chinese government.

Location: Warsan 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates View Map

Contact Number: +971 4 428 5665

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The given below step by step guide to Dragon Mart Dubai will help you to get a proper idea of this unique place before your visit:


  • 1

    Impressive shape of Dragon Mart Dubai

    The dragon-shaped structure of the Dragon Mart is the major drawing power towards its large numbers of customers. You can visit this mall with your family to enjoy its unique design by dipping into a huge variety of products.

  • 2

    Distinctive architecture of Dragon Mart Dubai

    This memorable shopping extravaganza is also famous for its distinctive architecture, which is one of the best masterpieces in this region of the world. It is the very first component of the International Projects of Nakheel, which is one main real estate companies of Dubai and producer of many land reclamation projects.

  • 3

    Wide range of commodities

    The different enterprises of this shopping mall offer you wide range of commodities and products including cosmetics, toys, garment, food, groceries, textiles, electric appliances, home furnishing equipments, arts and craft, sports accessories, interior decoration pieces, chemical products, electronic products, lifestyle products, jewellery, souvenirs, bags, footwear and many more. You can find very good stuff at reasonable prices.

  • 4

    Trolley service

    You can hire a trolley service from Customer Service Desks, located in different zones of the mall. You have to provide the trolley staff with an approved identification. You will have to pay a fee of AED 20.00 for the trolley and attain receipt. At the end of your shopping, dial the number at the back of your receipt to ask the Customer Service Personnel to collect the trolley at the desired location. Do not forget to collect AED 100.00 at the time of returning the trolley.

  • 5


    Dragon mart Dubai provides you with seven places to eat, offering you wide range of delicious food. Suntour Restaurant is located in the FA zone of the mart and is known for Chinese food. Saj 2 Go is a fast food stall, offering traditional Arabic food. Happy Yummy in the GB zone and offers you ice creams, corn, nachos, hot dogs. Belgium Waffles offers wide range of toppings. Al HosamĀ  is another Fast food restaurant inside the mart. Kaslik is a famous fast food kiosk while Al Islami is a fast food restaurant.

  • 6

    Coffee shops

    There are five listed Coffee shops within the main passage of the famous Dragon Mart Dubai, offering rich and creamy coffee.

  • 7


    The branch of Standard Chartered Bank is situated in the ground floor of the shopping mall, providing a banking facility to a huge number of customers on daily basis.

  • 8

    ATM Service

    ATM Machines of some of the very famous banks of Dubai are installed throughout Dragon Mart to facilitate you in case of money shortage. Union National Bank, Commercial Bank, National Bank of Dubai, Commercial Bank of Dubai and Emirates Bank provides you ATM service inside the mart.

  • 9

    Customer service desks

    Dragon Mart has established Customer service desks at the key locations of the mall in order to facilitate its customers regarding any kind of problem or guidance.

  • 10

    Prayer area

    Prayers Areas have been allocated at FB and IA zone for ladies and gents.

  • 11

    First Aid Room

    There are first aid rooms inside the mart. You can contact the customer service desks to avail first aid facility.

  • 12

    Warehouses in Dragon Mart Dubai

    The 30,000 square meters warehouses of this mall consist of 4000 different enterprises, dealing in a huge variety of Chinese products.

  • 13

    Commercial and service areas of Dragon Mart Dubai

    The shopping mall is divided into many commercial and service areas. The service area consists of a main office and a business centre while the commercial areas comprise of three conference rooms and negotiation rooms.

  • 14

    Exhibition Zones in Dragon Mart Dubai

    There are six zones allocated for exhibition purpose and each of the zones is further divided into four areas. These exhibitions zones offer you the most exotic Chinese components properly displayed under one roof.

  • 15

    Market Value of Dragon Mart Dubai

    The market value of this huge shopping mall is increasing day by day as big giants like Nakheel developers; Chinamex Middle East Investment and Trade Promotion Centre are the main promoters of this project.

  • 16


    Your safety within the Dragon Mart is the utmost priority of Dubai police based at the shopping mall.

  • 17

    Western Union

    The prestigious Western Union as its office located at the AB zone of the mart to help you regarding money transfer or to receive money from any part of the world.

  • 18

    Ample parking space at Dragon Mart Dubai

    An ample parking space available very attentive and quick service is available for you by keeping a huge number of visitors in mind. The parking area of Dragon Mart Dubai can easily accommodate over 2,500 vehicles at a time.

  • 19

    Other services

    Dragon mart offers you some other impressive services like, Valet service, Buggy service, Baby stroller, Car wash, Etisalat bill paying machine, Money exchange house, Taxi service, Wheelchair, Motor scooters, Bicycle parking, Freight service, and Postal service.

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