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Calling all party people! Dubai is one among the most happening states in the world, offering nights full of life and enjoyment. The beautiful Dubai is none other than one of the heavens and fun-to-live cities of the world. This wonderful and well developed city never sleeps and its list of prestigious nightclubs entertains you throughout the night. You can come across true enjoyment and happiness in the nightclubs anytime you like.

When it comes to the music in Nightclubs in Dubai is concerned, it will not dishearten you. All generations in the nightclubs are represented with each of them having their extraordinary nights. Don’t hesitate to join the dance floor with the rhythm of electro, R&B, house, hip hop, and 80s music and let yourself go by the beats from DJs coming from various parts of the world. This amazing blend of music makes Dubai one of the most assorted music scenes around the globe.

Excellent service, vibrant club scenes, live beats from DJs and diverse range of music make the Nightclubs in Dubai superb choice to party and rock. What else you want to rock?


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    Nightclubs in Bur Dubai

    Bollywood Café Regent Palace Hotel Bur Dubai:

    Bollywood Cafe is one of the top nightclubs in Bur Dubai locality of Dubai that draws lot of people, especially who are from sub-continent community, as it serves authentic Indian cuisine and entertainment guests with typical Bollywood dance numbers. Moreover, attentive service and chilled out atmosphere makes this venue even more adoring. People of Dubai can find this terrific establishment in Regal Plaza Hotel that holds a central location, allowing patrons to get here quite easily.

    Marine's Club Seaview Hotel Bur Dubai:

    Live rock music and affordable prices makes marine’s Club at Seaview Hotel of Bur Dubai as one of the stirring places to enjoy a great night out in this metropolis. Within a short span of time, this nightclub has gained extremely good popularity and reputation among the residents of this area.

    Mehfil Palm Beach Hotel Bur Dubai:

    Gorgeous dancing girls, exhilarating Bollywood music, wide range of drinks and scrumptious Indian fare makes Mehfil a wonderful nightspot to spend some terrific leisure time. This awesome nightclub is tucked inside Palm Beach Hotel of Bur Dubai locality. Therefore, Mehfil draws not only the people staying in this hotel, but also the residents and tourists from various countries.

    Pancho Villa's Astoria Hotel Bur Dubai:

    This venue is a great place for youngsters and offers a vast collection of cocktails and scrumptious meals. Moreover, visitors are also amused with the live performances of DJs and belly dancers.

    Rockafellas Regal Plaza Hotel Bur Dubai:

    This Mexican and Cajun inspired establishment is another great venue in Regal Plaza Hotel of Bur Dubai. Mix crowd come this venue, as it is famous among all communities. The most alluring things about Rockafellas are that it offers all three essential items to enjoy a night out in Dubai that are fun, food and music. Live band and resident Dj of this nightspot attract lot of people as both are famous among the clubbers.

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    Nightclubs in Deira Dubai

    Gulzar Nightclub at City Star Hotel Dubai:

    The vibrant atmosphere and typical Bollywood style of music is played at Gulzar Nightclub that can put a soul in any dead person, who is a devotee of Indian clubbing. These hit Indian tracks are played by well-known local Djs, who have mastered this art. Decor of this venue is not bad either and Indian expats can be found in good numbers on this spot besides tourists and hotel guests, as this establishment is located inside three star hotel called City Star.

    Ku-Bu Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek:

    British Dj plays mix international music at Ku-Bu nightclub that is an exclusive leisure spot in Radisson Blu Hotel in Dubai Creek region of Deira, Dubai. Moreover, patrons of this nightspot also get to savor delicious bar food that is cooked to perfection by a team of talented chefs hired by the management of Ku-Bu Nightclub. Assorted range of cocktails makes this venue even more alluring, which can be judged from the decent number of crowd that this nightspot drags each night.

    Moulin Rouge at Broadway Hotel Dubai:

    This spectacular nightclub is to be found on the ground level of the famous Broadway Hotel of Deira, Dubai. Its outstanding and unique services makes this club different than the rest, as live belly dancing performances are conducted here during the week. Plus guests can take pleasure in different sorts of libations available at its bar along with appetizing food dishes. Its environment and interior decoration is also quite wonderful, as it gives this venue not only an upbeat look, but it feels cozy too at the same time.

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    Nightclubs in Downtown Dubai

    Armani Privé at Armani Hotel Downtown Dubai:

    This nightclub is one of the top notch venues in Dubai that is found at Armani Hotel in Downtown Dubai. The high-class society of Dubai often found at this site to relish the luxurious settings and exciting nights of Armani Privé. The music is played by renowned resident and international Djs which creates an electrifying atmosphere in Armani Privé. Guests can also order food at this nightclub, aside from cocktails. In brief, Armani Privé is the best place in this town to enjoy after work and make new friends.

    Republique at The Address Dubai Mall Downtown Dubai:

    The Address Downtown Dubai is another centre of attraction for several partygoers in Dubai, as it has also got a chic nightclub in it called Republique. This sophisticated venue gives a new definition of luxury, hospitality and party, as each guest is pampered as an individual so they could feel special. Apart from this, the music, food and drinks at Republique are awesome as well. It is because of all these fine qualities many people turns up at this venue to spend a good leisure time. In short, Republique has got almost everything that one can expect from a nightclub of this caliber.

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    Nightclubs in Jumeirah Dubai

    360° Nightclub Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai

    This club and lounge is a unique experience because it is located in the middle of the sea. The circular building can only be accessed from a walk way that takes visitors several hundred feet out into open water. The roof top has amazing views of the city and sea during the day and night.

    Boudoir Bar at Dubai Marine Beach Resort Jumeirah

    This Parisian themed venue is all about decadence. The bar and lounge are designed to look like a French Court and the guests are treated like royalty. If you are looking to party with the elite of Dubai then this is the place to be.

    Kasbar Bar at One&Only Royal Mirage Jumeirah

    An Arabic theme and a beach front location combine to make this elegant bar a great party venue. Inspired by Moroccan traditions, the interior of the three floor venue offers drinks, food and sheesha.

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