Dry Skin Treatment for Hands

Everyone suffers from dry skin at one point or another, and for most people, it goes away after proper treatment. For others, it becomes something that lasts and does not easily go away, but dry skin on the hands is not something that is untreatable. There are many methods to treat the condition, some long-term, while others take a matter of days to take effect.

Weather also affects the condition of people’s skin in many ways. Dryness is just one cause of cold weather and sometimes, it may lead to a painful experience if not taken care of on time. Both men and women may suffer from the condition.

Continue reading below to for all you need to know to treat your dry hands:


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    The first and foremost solution to temporary dryness of the hands is the use of lotions and moisturizers. There are a number of such products available in the market, and especially for specific body parts with the hands being the most common indeed.

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    Hands Treatment
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    Avoiding Long & Hot Showers

    Taking long and hot showers should be avoided when suffering from dry skin of the hands because it aggravates the situation further and causes loss of moisturizing to the skin. Instead, short and lukewarm showers will allow for better healing of dry skin.

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    Hands Treatment
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    Stop Smoking

    We are sure that you have probably heard this from a number of people, a number of times, but in this case, smoking is also a major cause of dry skin and that too, anywhere on the body. When you quit smoking, the cause of dryness will significantly drop.

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    Hands Treatment
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    Drinking Plenty of Water

    The deficiency of water is a major reason why you may be developing dryness of the skin. Remember to keep hydrated at all times and drink without being thirsty throughout the day.

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    Hands Treatment
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    Avoiding Cold Weather

    Skin exposed to cold weather also dries up due to most of the time, the lack of moisture in the air. Keeping that area covered up in such weather and heated will allow for quicker healing and relieving any pain that the dryness may cause as well.

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    Hands Treatment
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    Visit a Dermatologist

    If the condition does not seem to improve by taking the above mentioned steps, visiting a dermatologist would be the best thing to do at this point. The skin expert will properly guide you on how this condition can be treated and avoided in the future.

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    Hands Treatment

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