How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Hydrated skin is a glowing one. Dry skin lacks attraction and luster and appears dull. Hydrated skin is soft and resistant to wrinkles. Dry skin shows signs of fatigue and exhaustion quickly and is not a good sight to look at in the mirror. You can feel the dryness on it and it can even develop flakes. High temperatures, low humidity, bodily dehydration and harsh fabrics or soapsĀ leave our skin dehydrated, which shows on both the surface and the inside. Dry skin can also cause itchiness and irritation. During these conditions, it is important that you make your utmost effort to keep your skin hydrated.


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    Skin is as much about the inside as the outside. Anything that you take in is going to reflect on the outside. Drink loads of water, more than two litres a day. Water hydrates like no other substance. When the skin cells have adequate water, you will not need any external treatment. While you increase water intake, decrease that of caffeine (tea and coffee) and alcohol. These are diuretics in nature and can cause dehydration.

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    Use soaps and body wash that have milder soap content and wash off easily. Some foams take time to wash off and the particles remain on your skin, drying it off. Use products that have moisturizer added in them so that they are not harsh on your skin. While you wash your skin, avoid hot water because it encourages dry skin and dehydration.

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    Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants. Leafy green vegetables, squashes, sweet juicy fruits, tomatoes and beans are rich in these and help in re-hydrating your skin. When you eat food rich in such elements, you hydrate your skin cells naturally.

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    Right after you take a bath, massage your skin with baby oil or lotion. Make it a point of moisturizing your skin whenever you wash it, Keep a lotion right next to your soap bar so that after you wash and dry your hands, you remember to apply lotion on your hands. Keep a small lotion pack in your bag so that even if you forget to apply it before leaving home, you have it in your bag.

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    Protect yourself from harsh sunlight rays and use an umbrella while going into the sun. The amount of moisture your body loses dehydrates it. Use a quality sun block when stepping out into the sun.

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