Dubai Animal Rescue Centre Overview

Dubai as the capital of United Arab Emirates has all possible facilities for the citizens as well as for the visitors. The government of Dubai has not neglected the welfare and protection of your pets; this is the reason why DARC (Dubai Animal Rescue Center) was inaugurated. All possible facilities related to pets health and good care is available at this center. Now people living in Dubai or visitors should not get alarmed if their pet is having some health issues or unluckily if you have lost any, Dubai Animal Rescue Center will make sure to endow you a satisfactory service.

If you wish to get more information about Dubai Animal Rescue Center then take a look at the guide below and acquire all the good services offered by the management:


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    This Dubai based center is responsible for rescuing pets.

    A good quality medical treatment and care is provided to the pets that are found on streets, or the ones brought by their owners.

    Abandoned and injured animals are also given special attention.

    The center makes sure that they take exotic pets so that they are provided shelter.

    The center also acts as a welfare center.

    Vets and animal care experts are always available at the Dubai Animal Rescue Center to give you advices.

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    How To Contact:

    If you have any query then contact on the number cited below and arrange an appointment with the management.

    Contact: +971 5 0 858 7844, +971 5 0 871 7072

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    Al Barsha 3, 14 a Street, house number 40, Dubai, UAE

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    How to Get Dubai Animal Rescue Center:

    By Bus:

    Eight minutes walk is required to cover 650 meters distance from the nearest bus stop, Al Barsha (3), Street 329 A 1 to Dubai Animal Rescue Center. The only route that makes a stop at the Al Barsha (3), Street 329 A 1 is F33 from Mall Of Emirates Metro Station 4. After getting of the bus head north and then turn left onto 14 A St and you will reach at our after covering 600 meters distance. View map for further assistance.

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