Easy Vegetarian Lunch Snacks Recipes

Being a vegetarian is nothing less than a blessing. There are various nutritional benefits of eating vegetables and they are a lot better than other forms of meals. Vegetable consumption keeps you fresh and energised throughout the day, and adds to the glow on your face.

Other than the nutritional benefits, vegetables are easy to cook and can be eaten raw in many cases. The main thing you have to ensure is that the vegetables are properly washed and cooked in such a way that their nutritional benefits remain intact. They should also be bought and consumed fresh.

Some of most common and easy to make vegetarian snack have been listed down below. Simply scroll down and pick the one which you think will suit you the most.


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    Roasted green beans

    Green beans taste really good and can be prepared in very little time. You can simply roast them in oil with some seasonings of your choice and consume them at lunch time. People who are addicted to eating French fries can consume roasted green beans as an alternate, a healthier and more nutritious one.

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    Cucumber salad

    You can make a lot of salads using different vegetables and one of the most common recipes in this category is the cucumber salad. You can prepare it in different ways; the easiest one is by simply peeling its skin, slicing it into pieces and sprinkling some pepper on it. However, you can add a few more ingredients - onions, cream, cheeses, tomatoes etc. - of your choice in order to make the taste even better.

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    Tomato Sandwich

    Another easy recipe for lunch is the tomato sandwich, which can be prepared within five minutes. You can eat it with tea or coffee or any juice of your choice. In order to prepare it, you will need a fresh tomato and a couple of pieces of toasted bread. Just to make the taste a bit better, you can spread butter or mayonnaise on the bread pieces and sprinkle some pepper on it.

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    Fried onion rings

    Onion rings roasted in olive oil are simply delicious. The best part is that they are easy to prepare. Simply add flour, milk and salt to a bowl and mix them together. Dip the onion rings in the mixture and fry them in heated oil.

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    Carrots with a dip

    Carrots and turnip can be eaten raw with yogurt or coriander/mint dips. The same can be done with cucumber. These dips can be prepared by grinding mint and coriander leaves with a bit of water.

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