What You Get when You Believe Television Ads

Have you ever had the urge to leave the house in the middle of the night just because you saw a television commercial that showed the best looking hamburger or fried chicken you have ever seen? This chicken or burger looked so good that you could almost smell it.

You want this food so badly that you leave your home and head for the nearest drive-through window. You order the same food you saw on TV but when you open the bag the burger looks nothing like the one you ordered; it is a small flat and overly soggy compressed patty with grease ((or as they said in the commercial beef juices.)
If you have chosen the appetizing crispy fried chicken you will receive the same container you saw on TV although there will be no recognizable pieces of chicken. You can neither identify a leg or breast from a thigh or wing, and the crust only covers a huge portion of chicken skin or fat globules.

You can’t really complain. You have fallen prey to this type of marketing manipulation before and should have known better but somehow you expected to receive the 4-inch thick burger with delicate dribbles of catsup and mustard gently slipping down the practically perfect lettuce and tomato with the edge of pickle and onion artistically placed. You wanted a work of art and not just a hunk of meat that has been kept under a warmer for hours and then slapped in a bag as quickly as possible and tossed out the window into your waiting vehicle, after you have paid of course.

It will accomplish nothing to complain to management. This is the real world and nothing will change it into
Commercial reality. Fight the urge to dash to your car and do yourself a favor and remember the last trip along with the disappointment and tears that went along with it. This will be painful and not work every time, but the memory will help you understand and maybe not be quite as disappointed the next time.

I just saw a commercial for the most delicious looking bucket of fish wings that I simply must possess within the next few minutes. Wasn’t that restaurant on the next block?

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