How to Make Banana Baby Food

When all of you wonderful parents search for new and health baby foods for their babies, know that bananas fit the bill big time. Bananas present a wide and unique array of benefits that it should not be ignored.

Not only are bananas high in potassium, they are also an excellent source of fibre, vitamin B and if that wasn’t enough, the naturally soft food acts to coat your little bundle of joy’s tummy and aid in their digestion. There’s also the fact that bananas taste awesome.

The following guide details everything you need to know to make delicious, natural and healthy banana baby food.

Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Serving Size: 1
Utensils Required: a food processor, magic bullet or fork and a clean plastic food container with a tight lid


  • 1

    Peel the Fruit

    Peel your banana, whatever way you have been using all your life works. For the brave, try opening the fruit from the bottom (rather than the stem) by using your index finger and thumb to press the very end of the fruit. Once the bottom separates slightly, peel easily.

    Note: The best way to feed bananas to your baby is raw.

  • 2

    Mash Up

    Bananas break down very easily, and if you have a food processor or magic bullet type blender, it is also extremely fast.

    If you have softened bananas, consider mashing the fruit by hand with a fork. Place the banana in a plate and mash until very soft. Placing in a microwave for 10-20 seconds will aid in softening the fruit.

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    Consider adding breast milk, formula or water to add moisture, nutrients or thin the banana baby food.

    If you want to thicken the food, consider adding infant cereal.

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    If you have leftovers, store them in a clean and well tightened food container. Place in the fridge for no more than 2 days. When you feed your baby, only take enough for one serving (roughly) and feed from a separate container. The baby's saliva can lead to contamination of the food.

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