Ethnic Food Restaurants in London

London is a city with a rich culture encompassing elements from around the world. The city’s ethnic diversity adds to many of its attractions and tourists love the various food chains in the city.

Spicy food, sea food and other traditional dishes from different parts of the world make London a city with some of the most amazing restaurants. You can always find exactly what you are in the mood for, especially if you and your friends are looking to have something different, unique and exotic. This guide lists the most popular ethnic food restaurants in London and provides useful information and tips.

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  • 1

    Chutney Raj is an Indian food restaurant and the oldest in the city of London. Chutney Raj restaurant also provide free home delivery anywhere in the city. Here you will find some of the best Indian cuisine, that can satisfy even the most strict of food critics. Even if you have never had Indian food before, their taste is going to blow you away.

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    Lal Qila restaurant serves Indian food with the finest ingredients and they are established in London from the last three decades. Known for their exquisite taste and exotic variety of Indian food, Lal Qila is the perfect place for a night out with family and friends. Rest assured that you will have an amazing dining experience as the ambiance and the food at Lal Qila are both top quality.

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    New Tandoori Raj restaurant is another Indian place that captures the unique Indian flavour which is to die for. You will find some of the best Indian dishes on offer here and their atmosphere ensures a great dining experience with friends, colleagues or family.

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    Salaam Nameste restaurant is a modern Indian flavour restaurant in London. They offer all the popular Indian dishes which you can find in the sub-continent. They are also known for the host of modern dishes on their menu, and the place is very popular with foodies.

  • 5

    Tandoori Nights is a restaurant in London offering Indian cuisine of the finest quality. They have some of the finest Indian chefs and if you are even remotely a fan of sub-continental food, you are going to love the experience at Tandoori Nights.

  • 6

    Taste of Asia is an Indian restaurant that offers takeway and serves the best Indian food with original ingredients and taste. The best part is that you can place your order and have it packed for takeaway to enjoy your Indian cuisine in the comfort of your own home. Their menu is excellent and the service is also wonderful.

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    Tavistock Tandoori is one of the best Indian restaurants in London, offering both Indian and modern food at reasonable prices.

  • 8

    Amaya is a bar and grill Indian restaurant that focuses on Indian dishes.

  • 9

    Chutney Mary has had the title of the best Indian restaurant in London, and has been operating from the last two decades.

  • 10

    Rasoi serves Indian cuisine in a stylish and vibrant environment with friendly staff and a talented chef.

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