Family Events Venues in London

British capital provides as much entertainment opportunities to families and children as it offers to individuals. Families with kids can watch entertainment, classic and even educational theatres, musicals, puppet shows and children movies. These performing art shows are the epitome of expression and bring out a blend of fact and fiction in the most brilliant way. Families can also participate in festivals with lots of music and dance activities topped up by fun and excitement. If you are planning a fun filled outing with your family in London then choose one option from amongst an extensive range of entertainment options.


  • 1

    War horse fact & fiction

    National army museum holds a beautiful family event titled War horse fact & fiction. Amazing stories depicting the bond between men and horses are shown at this event. The museum also has a shop from where kids' clothing is available.

  • 2

    Family in war at Imperial War Museum

    This show brings forward the World War II experiences of Allpres family in particular, and the sufferings of a common man in general. Get the description of how life at a British household changed during the war.

  • 3

    Our Londinium

    Our Londinium is held at the Museum of London’s Roman gallery, showing how the Romans used to live in what today is London and how the city has continued many of their traits till today.

  • 4

    Ring Round the World at Pleasance

    Ring Round the World is a beautiful children opera which is performed by a set of professional musicians and singers and is attended by thousands of children each year.

  • 5

    Summer festival at museum of childhood

    This Bethnal Green summer event offers dance, music, acts and activities, rickshaw rides, snacks and lots and lots of fun. A perfect family event to participate and enjoy!

  • 6

    Behind the scene- London sealife aquarium

    Behind the scene is an exciting tour of the London sealife aquarium that delves deep into the ways and methods used by the aquariums’ staff to take carfe of the sealife and underwater species of the Aquarium.

  • 7

    Ugly duckling little angel theatre

    The show takes the audiences into the life and mind of the duckling who felt herself different from the rest of her family. Music, voices and a brilliant expression makes this show a standout.

  • 8

    Carnaval Del Pueblo

    Carnaval Del Pueblo is all about fun, festivity, music shoes and lots of dance. This joyful festival is held annually to showcase the colourful and distinct culture of Latin America.

  • 9

    Matilda the musical

    Matilda the musical is a famous musical written and composed by Dennis Kelly and Tim Minchin. It is based on and is the namesake of a children's novel written by Roald Dahl. Matilda the musical has earned widespread acclaim and recognition and bagged 7 Olivier Awards.

  • 10

    Charlie and Lola’s best bestest play at Polka Theatre

    This beautiful show of puppets and music is brought in a mix of 2 dimensional and three dimensional appearance. This favorite brother and sister show is a must watch and is a beautiful piece of art and entertainment made by Polka Theatre.

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