How to Get Somalia Tourist Visit Visa from London

Since the outbreak of civil war in 1991, Somalia has no properly functioning central government and the administration does not control most of the country. In recent years, British tourists vacationing in Somalia is basically close to zero. This is because Somalia is one of the most violent and poorest countries in the world. The African nation is classified as a failed state and most governments have a strict travel advisory against visiting Somalia. Different regions govern and control themselves autonomously and getting a visa may be difficult. Bordered by Djibouti, Kenya, Yemen, Gulf of Eden, Ethiopia and the Indian Ocean, Somalia lies in the Horn of Africa having arid lands and hot climate. For the Londoners willing to take the risk, the country presents a very rich cultural history, craftsmanship and wildlife to explore in addition to its green forests.

For visas to Puntland contact Ministry of information, culture and tourism in Puntland. For visas to Somaliland contact Somaliland mission in UK.

For Visas to Puntland state of Somalia
Puntland Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism

For Visas to Somaliland state of Somalia
Somaliland Mission in UK


  • 1

    British Nationals

    British citizens require a visa to enter Somalia. An internationally accepted yellow fever vaccination certificate is also required which is to be shown at the time of  entry into the country.

    Other nationals

    All other nationals may check their respective visa entry requirements at any of the Somalian Embassies. An internationally accepted yellow fever vaccination certificate is  needed to be produced before entering the country.

  • 2

    Visa Requirements

    The exact list of documents may be known from the embassy or the ministry of information tourism and culture. Below is a list of some generic documents that might be asked by the embassy or the ministry of information, culture or tourism.

    a)      A completely filled in and signed application Form

    b)      A 6-month valid passport with at blank visa pages

    c)      2 recent passport-size photographs

    d)      Internationally accepted vaccination certificate against yellow fever

    e)      Complete details of flight itinerary and accommodation

    f)      Any other document that may be asked by the embassy or ministry

  • 3

    Submission of Visa application

    you have to visit or contact the Embassy or the ministry of information tourism and culture depending upon the area where you intend to apply for a Visa. The most suitable one is to apply at the unofficial Somaliland embassy in London that can also issue visas. All your necessary information will be collected at the Embassy and you will be given visa collection date if you have provided all necessary documents.

  • 4

    Processing Time and Fees

    The embassy will let you know about the processing time of your visa and will also let you know about the visa fees of Somaliland from London.

  • 5

    Collection of Visa

    After visa processing is done, You will be required to collect the visa from the embassy where you applied for it.

  • 6

    Final Check list of Items

    Mentioned below is a checklist of items that you should take to Somalia.

    a) Liquid Cash or currency
    b) All required documents
    c) Information about your accommodation, travel itinerary
    d) Maps of different locations and areas
    e) Medicines, Prescriptions and Mosquito and other bugs Repellents
    f) Internationally accepted yellow fever vaccination certificate

  • 7

    Things allowed to take with you

    a)      You can take 400 cigarettes or 40g cigars or 400g of tobacco

    b)      Wine or spirits only 1 bottle

    c)       A rational extent of perfume for personal use only.

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