Finding the perfect life partner

The above is not the easiest question to resolve, in fact there must be millions of pages on the web trying to give you different strategies, different ways to get the perfect life partner – our job here on Step By Step is to break down those million searches and give it to you in one digestible page… Yes we’re going to do that for you!

People usually have life goals such as buying an expensive house, getting a promotion, buying a flashy watch but “finding a perfect life partner” well that thought only gets into your head when you feel the clock is counting down… tick tock… can you hear it? That is the sound of opportunity going by right now


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    Remind yourself of your own value

    You need to love yourself first before you feel that you deserve the very best, even if you might have fallen out of love in the past from someone else you must again begin to love yourself, value yourself and still believe there is hope out there for you as not everyone is the same

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    Give it your all


    Your appearance and personality must shine – you need to show you are a great asset to have for a long-term partner for life… if you can show this to people around you; you are making your chances increase straight away.

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    Make sure you’re one of them human beings that listen to people rather than always being the person that speaks, women tend to speak a lot more then men its just the way things are… however if you’re a woman reading this make sure you listen just as much.


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    Sorry to say...

    The article title may have been a little bit misleading as there is no such thing as "perfect" marriage partner - remember marriage is all about compromise you have certain strengths and certain weaknesses and your partner may have different strengths/weaknesses you just need to know how to adjust accordingly and if both of you are happy when adjusting... that is what you call a perfect couple, 2 people who can accept each others flaws and thrive on the strengths they have and add some more strengths with your presence in there life.

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