Fish and Chip Restaurants in London

Fish and Chips are a tasty British tradition and a very popular take-away dish in London. At a basic level the ingredients of the dish are straight forward and include a battered and fried fish served along with large french fries. The dish became a main-stay of the British working classes by the end of the 19th century due to improved fishing techniques and transportation. On record the first restaurant to be dedicated to the dish was opened in London around 1860. Eventually, Fish and Chips gained popularity in other former British colonies including Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada. Today the variations are endless and many types of fish are used to create unique tastes. Visitors or residents will find that Fish and Chip restaurants in London come in all shapes and sizes and serve their customers food that ranges from traditional to more creative interpretations.


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    Sea Shell Restaurant

    This traditional Chippy restaurant has appeared on several Best Fish and Chip lists and has a dedicated following. The venue has been in business for 40 years and serves other sea-food dishes as well as having a large wine list.

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    Golden Union Fish Bar

    This is a relatively new venue that opend up in 2008 but has gained a lot of fan love for its high quality food at low prices. The Fsh and Chips is always freshly made and have a unique contemporary taste. The venue also serves beer and wines with all the dishes on its menu.

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    North Sea Fish Restaurant

    This family owned eatey started off as a tiny fish and chip location. It was taken over in 1977 by new managment that increased the seating and added drinks to the menu. From there the eatery has expanded quickly and is considered a London landmark with a large fan following from around the world.  

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    Olleys Fish Experience

    This award winning chippy shop is a small restaurant located near Brockwell Park. The menu features 20 types of fish and different variation of batter for customers to taste at the popular fish and chip store.

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    As you can tell from the name this eatery is an all fish affair. The menu has many different dishes but the award winning Fish and Chips are a major draw for customers. Fish restaurant is also very picky about food and only chooses the freshest and most sustainable types of ingredients.

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    Fish Central

    This 40 year old venue has perfected the fish and chips over the decades. Today it serves its version of the chippy along with other extremely fresh fish dishes.

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    Oliver's Fish & Chips

    This small Fish and Chip restaurant prides itself on authentic food. The traditional style recepie is famous and the tables are usually packed. Customers can also order other sea food dishes or salads with their meal.

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    Dean Street Townhouse

    This venue is actually a hotel but the dinning room is well known for its authentic British menu. The award winning hotel serves some of the best fish and chips in London in a setting that will make you like you are in another time.

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    The Narrow

    This high end restaurant is supervised by the Gordon Ramsay a celebrity chef. The venue is on the banks of the river Thames and specializes in pub food and other British delicacies.

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    Toffs Of Muswell Hill

    This classic British Fish and Chip shop has made a name for itself because of the large number of fish items they sell. The tasty menu is top notch as the chippy and football fans will find themselves in good company at the venue.

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