How to Get Svalbard Tourist Visit Visa from London

The archipelago of Svalbard is located in Arctic, middle of mainland Norway and the North Pole. The area is part of the Kingdom of Norway, and has an extremely cold climate with temperatures dropping to as low as minus 30 degrees. The destination may not be a good family holiday spot, but adventurous British tourist can think of Svalbard as a good ice adventure location. British adventurers will find the freezing temperature and snow-clad mountains a temptation in itself. Watching the gigantic glaciers from up-close, visiting the fjords and hiking in the snowy mountains give the adventurers of United kingdom a delightful experience. Svalbard is a visa-free country. However, there are no direct flights to Svalbard and the entry is through Norway. So, a tourist has to meet Norwegian entry requirements to enter into Svalbard.

Royal Norwegian Embassy in London


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    British Citizens

    British citizens don't require a visa to enter into Norway, and thus Svalbard because Britain is a EU member country.

    Citizens of Countries with Visa Exemption

    All EU or Schengen countries or countries with whom Norway has entered a visa exemption agreement, can enter into Norway and thus Svalbard without obtaining any visa. Visit the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration Website to check all these countries.

    Citizens of Countries who require a visa

    Nationals of all remaining countries require a Schengen Visa to enter into Norway and thus Svalbard.

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    Visa Requirements

    You have to register yourself on the website (portal) of Norwegian directorate of immigration at the link to get a Schengen visa to enter Norway and thus Svalbard.
    Some generic documents that may be required are mentioned below:

    a) A valid passport
    b) Proof of Funds to finance your stay
    c) Visa Fee
    d) Completely filled and signed application form

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    Submission of Visa Application

    You have to personally visit the Embassy of Norway in London, and register your bio-metric data (10 fingerprints and digital facial image), to apply for a visa to Norway (thus Svalbard).

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    Visa Processing time and fees

    It is  suggested that you apply several weeks before your visit but usually it takes around 10 days to issue a visa.

    The fee for a Schengen visa can be range between 30EUR to 70 EUR depending upon classifications or categories. Please visit the Embassy of Norway in UK Link to check the updated fees and processing time.

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    Collection of visa

    After you have applied; you will be required to pick your passport from the Embassy of Norway in UK, at a given time duration.

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