Gay Gyms in London

Being a metropolitan city and one of the favourite sites of tourists, London has almost everything for everyone. These various facilities include gay gyms too. Since such spots are demanded in London so one can find them, although not in large numbers. Gay people can not only exercises with weights and machines at these specific gyms in London, but they can enjoy several other facilities as well. This list includes swimming pools, fitness classes, yoga classes, weight training coaching, steam rooms, sauna and plenty of other things. Those who are looking to explore gay gyms in the British capital can take help from this piece in order to begin their search.


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    Central YMCA

    This sports centre offers a wide range of facilities from weight training machines and equipment to a pool, and sports hall to teach classes. The location of Central YMCA is also easy to access, as it can be found at Great Russell Street in London, with well-equipped facilities and a decent share of gay members.

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    Jubilee Hall Sports Centre

    The wonderful pool of Jubilee Hall Sports Centre can also be seen from the pavement, as it has large windows of floor length. The length of its available pool is about 25 meters, and it is never too crowded. Gay people can also find two gyms at this venue, while the other features include a sauna, martial arts classes and steam room.

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    Oasis Sports Centre

    One of the most favourite gyms of the gay community is Oasis Sports Centre. It is located in the well-known area of Covent Garden in London. The highlights of Oasis Sports Centre include heated swimming pool in open air, sun terrace, an indoor pool, and a gym which is equipped with all sorts of weights and training machines.

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    Queen Mother Sports Centre

    Another 25 meter pool can also be found at Queen Mother Sports Centre, which is one of the preferred sites for gays in London. This sports centre has a large TV room and a spring-floored studio, sauna with separate session facility for male and female and a lot more. Queen Mother Sports Centre also has volleyball and basketball courts along with occasional nets for cricket and famous five a side football.

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    Sweatbox Soho

    Sweatbox Soho is more like a club rather than a fitness centre, as this gay gym has two Turkish hot rooms, 14 men Jacuzzi along with large steam rooms. In addition to this, Sweatbox Soho also has a multi-gym that is equipped with high-tech body shaker machines and there is a free weights room as well at this establishment.

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    Paris Gym

    Paris Gym is to be found at one of the famous hot spots of gays in London. This famous gym has a fine selection of weights, weight machines, place for sauna baths and an area for cardio. The atmosphere of Paris Gym is also quite decent, which makes it one of the most hip places in the British capital.

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    Soho Gym

    This gym is also quite popular among the gay people residing in London. Although this is a small gym, but still the atmosphere is quite refreshing, with a fine range of weight training machines and cardio selection. Due to high demand, Soho Gym has opened branches in other areas of the British capital as well.

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    The Third Space

    This is a stylish and sleek club for gays who love to take part in various sporting activities like boxing, pool, climbing wall, hypoxic, pilates and gyrotonic studios. In addition to this, the Third Space also has won an award for providing quality fitness and health services in Soho.

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    Fitness First

    This fitness centre is one of most popular chains in the British capital and has several outlets in various areas of London. However, the branch located in Covent Garden is the biggest gym of gays in London. Fitness First truly gives the feel of corporate site, and members can also get tanning beds other than weight machines and cardio training.

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