Goodbye Email to Team

There are some manners that you have to follow before you leave an organisation as you cannot just shake hands with your colleagues and get out of the office. Some people choose to deliver a goodbye speech while others arrange a farewell party. There is also a much more decent way to give your regards to colleagues and that is a well written goodbye email to your team.

Though, you need to summarise your emotions in just few words and it can be an uphill task but if you know how to write a perfect email then it is as easy as turning your hand. All you need to do is to keep a couple of important rules in mind.

You do not need to mention the date in an email as it will be entered automatically. However, do not forget to enter the email addresses of the recipients followed by the subject of the mail in relevant boxes.

Start your email with a proper greeting and then say some nice words to highlight your association with the organisation and team members. There is no harm in mentioning the time period you have spent in the company. You should give them credit for your achievements and be grateful for their assistance.

In the second paragraph of the email, you will show full confidence in your colleagues and wish them luck for the future.

Next paragraph will comprise of your contact information and then wind up your goodbye email with a proper closing followed by your name.


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    Sample of Goodbye Email to team:

    Dear all,

    A decade ago, I was given the responsibility to handle all the operations as manager of this fine company. Undoubtedly, it was an uphill task but I did it with your sincere and unconditional support. This is the result of your cooperation that this company is one of the most successful organisations. I thank and congratulate you all for this.

    Now the time has come to move over and make room for others. I am glad that I am leaving behind a team of professionals and hope that you will continue to work hard. I wish you all the luck for the future.

    This departure is not the end of our relationship, you can contact me any time as my phone number and email address will be the same.

    Thank you.

    Steve Buckner

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    Template of Goodbye Email to team:

    Dear all,

    I joined this company [mention the time period] ago and you have been extra kind to me throughout this journey. Whatever I’ve achieved is just the result of your unconditional support and I thank you all for this.

    Now as I am leaving, it is a matter of great satisfaction that I am leaving behind a group of people who will keep working for the progress of this company. I wish you best of luck for the future.

    If anyone needs me, please feel free to contact me on [put your contact information].

    Thank you again.

    [Your Name]

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