Late Night Shopping in Paris

Major bummer if you are a workaholic as well as a shopaholic. When do you get the time to shop, then? Well, what is late night for? But looking for good late night shopping areas is a waste of time. You don’t have to worry anymore because this article will be your guide for late night shopping in Paris. Now you don’t have to feel bad when your friends are flaunting their latest designer wear or a new wrist watch while you hardly even get the time to bathe! Not only that, late night “retail therapy” can be a great way to let go of worries of the day while preparing you for the next morning.


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    The wise thing to do would be to make a check list of things that you may want to buy. But even if there’s no particular thing in your mind, you can still pamper yourself with some late night window shopping while enjoying the captivating night life of the City of Lights.

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    There are great malls that are open till late at night, which have different stores housed within them, providing a array of items that you can buy.

    Galeries Lafayette
    has come a long way from being a small fashion store run as a family business to now a multi story, architecturally pleasing departmental store.

    Marché de Noël - Tour Montparnasse
    is an overwhelmingly grand building that stores different shops in its heart, offering the consumer base with a variety of things.

    La Grande Épicerie de Paris
    has items like baby clothes, ladies wear and grocery related items. So next time you’re out of bread late at night, you know where to buy it from!

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    Besides these places that are open around the clock, there are many gas stations in the city that have their own retail shops. These shops, although not built on a grand scale, still house products that may be necessarily required, for example; snacks, toiletries basic grocery items. A list of some gas stations can be found below;

    Relais de Paris Manin

    Garage Paris Porte D'asnieres

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