Alcoholic Punch Cocktail Recipe

If you are looking for an Alcoholic Punch Cocktail recipe, we assume that you have a party coming up and you are looking for a way to treat your buddies with some nice, old school Whisky/Vodka fruit punch. Well, worry not, as that is exactly what we are here to help you with. Here we will guide you in 5 easy steps on how you can make an Alcoholic fruit punch that will get the whole party rocking.

If you are arranging a party punch for about twelve people, you will need the following quantities of ingredients. Likewise, if you want to serve six, just reduce these quantities by half, and double them if you wish to serve 24 people.


– 40 oz Alcohol of your choice
– 50 oz Generic Fruit Punch
– 35 Ice Cubes


  • 1

    Clean everything:

    Make sure that you begin by washing your hands and thoroughly cleaning the work surface where you will be preparing your drinks. Also, wash all of the utensils and glasses that you will be using to not only prepare but also serve the drink.

  • 2

    Choose the punch:

    Use a Hawaiian or any other generic equivalent fruit punch, because it can be easily mixed up with Alcohol and also helps keep the punch tasting soft and smooth. There is a multitude of various brands and types of fruit punch that you can buy from the grocery store. Remember that it is entirely up to you as to which one you prefer to use for your drinks.

  • 3

    Get these four things:

    Fruit Punch, Alcohol, Ice and a large bowl. These are the items that you will be needing to put together an excellent fruit punch for your friends or family members. It is always a good idea to keep all of the items that you need close by while making anything.

  • 4

    Grab different bottles of Alcohol to mix up:

    Remember, the punch is flexible and blends well with almost any Alcohol. So grab whatever you like. Vodka, Rum, various fruit Schnapps (strawberry, watermelon, orange etc) or Southern Comfort, as they will dazzle your taste buds.

  • 5

    Grab a large bowl and start mixing it all up:

    Start off by adding a generous amount of Ice followed by 60% of fruit punch. Some like it the other way around though, so adjust the amount to taste.  Mix everything together and experiment a little to make sure it is according to your taste.

  • 6

    Garnish as desired:

    Many people prefer lemon and orange cuts in their fruit punch, but you can decide what you prefer, or keep it optional depending on the choice of your guests.

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