Steps to Add TV Channel Logos to Windows 7 Media Center

In the operating system, Windows XP the developers Microsoft has created an application known as the Windows Media Center. It is responsible to provide users, the facility of digital video recording and media player, it also comprises of the techniques to record live television and play music and videos.

This software actually facilitates a user by all means to get entertained by the media related features.

The Windows Media Center consists of free plug-in channel logs, which makes the entire thing very easy and convenient for user. Sometimes we may get bored by the ordinary channel listings, for which Microsoft has deduced a proper procedure to add TV channel logos to Windows Media Center.

To enjoy nice and colourful logos following steps will definitely help you out.


  • 1

    Before you start the required procedure, download ‘My Channel Logo’, which will be saved in your ‘Downloads’ folder as an ‘Extract File’.

  • 2

    To extract all files run the installer file by clicking ‘Next’ tab.

  • 3

    When the installation has been concluded, the folder of My Channel Log will be saved in your operating system. To run the program go to ‘Start Menu’, click on ‘All Programs’ and select the option of My Channel Logo from the given list.

  • 4

    When the window opens, it will not initiate your program until the process of regional logos downloading complete its work.

  • 5

    After couple of minutes, the download will complete and you will be able to see the window of your new installed program.

    On the lower right side a tab of ‘Auto Populate Logos’ will appear, click the tab so that via an automatic procedure your channel listings could be assigned with logos. A dialogue box will pop up which will inform you the number of channels assigned. Click ‘Ok’ tab.

  • 6

    In the previous window you will see the heading, ‘Merged Channel Listing’, click the below option ‘Channels Without Logos’. This will help you to see if any of your channels are missing logos.

  • 7

    If by any chance your channel is missing a logo you can easily assign a custom 96 x 42 pixel.png image. If you highlight a specific channel and then click on the dark black box on the right side of the window your channel will be assigned by a custom logo.

    To select a .ping image your browser window will appear on your screen. Choose the required logo and click ‘Open’ and your logo will be added.

  • 8

    After completing all the relevant steps close My Channel Logos’s window. To check the new logos installed in your operating system open the TV Listings Guide and that’s it!

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