How to Use the Norton Auto Fix Tool

Norton is one of the most famous and widely used antivirus programmes. It offers many features which you can use to get ultimate protection for your computer. Although, you have to pay in order to get the registered version. However, you can also activate the trial version to test before buying it.

Norton Auto Fix Tool is a popular product from Norton. It automatically detects and fixes any error in the system which is caused by a virus, Trojan, spybot, keylogger or spyware. If you want to use the Norton Auto Fix Tool then follow these guidelines.


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    You can download Norton Auto Fix Tool from the official website of Norton or Symantec. After downloading the file, you must run it to install on your computer.

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    When the installation is finished, it will automatically open on your screen and will start detecting the malicious software applications which are running on your computer. Then, it will take the action against those threats and will keep your computer safe from any damage.

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    You can change its settings as per your requirements. For instance, if you don’t want to remove any particular file which contains virus, you can put it in quarantine. Be very careful when changing the settings as you do not want to keep files that have viruses on your computer as they can cause considerable damage to your system. Make sure that you know what you are doing when making any adjustments in the settings.

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    You must keep the tool updated all the time so that it may get the latest virus definitions to cope with the malware. You should also make sure to have the software detect various viruses by itself by turning the auto protection function on.

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    If you need any assistance then go to the 'Help' section on the Norton website. You can also check the 'Help' section of Norton Auto Fix Tool as well for important usage information. You can also check out some forums or websites that deal with Norton products for more assistance. You will find many expert users giving out excellent tips, tricks and advice to further enhance your experience using these products. Make sure to also check the forum posts to see if your questions have already been answered. You can also post your own questions if you need further guidance. Remember to also check out the various video tutorials that are specifically made regarding Norton products. These are very helpful as they show you the different steps that are needed to download, install and use the products.

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