How to Get Rid of Garden Slugs

As ugly as the name slug may be, these little guys are just roaming around (slowly of course) trying to whet their appetites with some vegetation. Unfortunately for the both of you, a lot of that vegetation could be some of your most prized and delicious garden vegetables.

Although slugs can be quite a nuisance, they should be dealt with in the most natural and humane methods possible.


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    Brew a pot and save some. Place the coffee in a spray bottle and spray your effected plants and the surrounding ones generously. Be sure to get the underparts of the leaves as well as the the stems, base of the plant and surrounding area.

    The used coffee grounds should also be sprinkled around the plants. The slugs find coffee unpleasant and should be out of the area in a couple of days.

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    Egg Shells

    It is time to take walking on egg shells to a whole new level. Sprinkle a good amount of crushed egg shells around the effected plants as well as other plants you are trying to protect. Egg shells are extremely uncomfortable for slugs to cross over and they will eventually deter the critters.

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    We know, we know...this list is sounding a lot more like breakfast with each step (we kid of course, don't we). Fill a plastic container with beer and place in into the ground in your vegetable garden so that the rim of the container is flush with the surrounding dirt. Do this in the evening.

    Beer attracts slugs, and in the morning the container should have some guests in it. Empty the container out (into the garbage), refill and repeat each day until there are no more slugs in the morning.

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    Orange Peels

    Leave some orange peels lying around your garden as they work in a similar fashion to the beer mentioned above. Check the peels in the morning and dispose of your unwelcome guests.

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