Guide to Make Valentine’s Day Special For Your Loved Ones

When in love, people find small reasons to celebrate their special relationships. Valentine’s Day is one such special occasion that falls on the 14th of February every year and is celebrated throughout the world. Although it is believed to be in remembrance of St. Valentine’s, who is a Christian martyr, the origins of the occasion’s history are uncertain.

Every year on the same date Valentine’s Day is celebrated by showing love and affection for the special people in your life. Gifts are exchanged, special outings are planned and expressions of love are floated through words and messages. This day is signified by the color of passion, which is red and everything is themed around it including decorations and clothes. However, white and pink are also widely used to signify purity and familial bonds. This article is all about ways to make your Valentine’s Day as memorable and special as it can be.


  • 1

    Get labelled balloons

    To create a perfect ambiance for the special day, you can use balloons in red color with special tag lines written on them like “Be mine” or “My Valentine”. Heart shaped balloons are in particular demand on Valentine's day and can light up your bedroom or living room on the special day.

  • 2

    Homemade cards

    Exchange of handmade cards which have personalized messages written on them is also a great way to start the day. This will not only make your loved ones feel special but also show you care enough to put in the effort for them.

  • 3

    Memory box

    Making a memory box is another great idea. Use things which signify memorable moments that were spent with your loved one. For example a ticket to the movies, random pictures that were taken in one of those crazy moments and/or a phone bill that shows hours of calls to each other. Basically any souvenir that is a reminder of moments shared together will do the trick.

  • 4

    Burn a custom CD

    Burning a custom CD with songs that are enjoyed and can be related by both of you is another great way of showing how much you value a person. The CD can be played at home on Valentine's Day or be given as a gift to your partner in a special case.

  • 5

    Get flowers

    Gifting flowers to the person you love will reflect your affection and care for them.  These flowers can range from simple roses in red color to tulips and daises. Chocolates can also be presented along with the flowers to make for a conventional Valentine's Day gift.

  • 6

    Go on a date

    If you like eating out, planning a Valentine's Day date can be a lot of fun. However, since the day is one of the busiest for restaurants and hotels, you might want to make reservations well ahead of time.

  • 7

    Relax at home

    After everything has been said and done, in the end you and your partner can snuggle together and watch a romantic movie at home to end the evening.

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