Preparing a Healthy Alternative to Salt

Lemons and limes present a unique and extremely beneficial alternative to using salt to season your food. If you’re thinking that lemon juice is not a substitute for salt, we agree 100% in that claim. We agree because we aren’t talking about juicing any lemons. What we are interested in (and what you should be) is the peel or zest of the citrus fruits, as it contains 5-10 times the Vitamin C found in juice as well as a delicious taste.

Things Required:

– full lemons or limes (feel free to juice them first if you have a use for the juice)
– a freezer
– a zest peeler/grater (available at your local grocery or home accessory store)
– courage to try something new


  • 1

    Whatever Works

    As mentioned above, feel free to use the juice in the lemons or limes or leave them whole.

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    Freezing the peels serves two separate and important purposes. First of all, the frozen fruit’s peels are much easier to grate. Secondly, keeping the fruits frozen will aid in keeping the fruit fresh and full of valuable nutrients.

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    Grate and Season

    When we say any type of food can benefit from some lemon or lime zest, we're not joking. Various cuisines and dishes can benefit greatly from the zesty and fresh taste that will be added by lemon and lime peels.

    Whenever you are ready to season something, simply take one of your fruits out of the freezer and grate some peel onto the food to taste (as depicted in the accompanying photo). You will most likely have to determine what amount is best suited to your tastes.

    If you are not satisfied, feel free to send us your lemons and limes…we’ve got use for them!

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