How to Treat Cold Sores Naturally at Home

Cold sores are the result of a viral infection that causes blistering to occur near the mouth. They are a result of the herpes simplex virus 1 and lay dormant in facial nerves. Once the virus enters the body, it never leaves, appearing and reappearing sporadically over time. Such outbreaks can be caused by a bevy of things, including stress, sunlight, menstruation, sunburn, fever and dehydration. If you want to treat cold sores naturally at home then follow these guidelines.

Thing Required:

– Salt
– Ginger
– Echinacea
– Black Currants


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    This one is a little bit uncomfortable, but the salt acts to dry out the cold sore and induce healing at a much faster rate. Make sure to just use a little bit at a time as you do not want to overdo it. Just put a little bit on the cold sore and leave it for a few minutes.

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    Slice a fresh piece of ginger and place it on the sore for a few minutes. A compound known as Kyolic found in garlic speeds healing. This is a relatively effective method to help heal cold sores naturally. Ginger is known to be excellent for this situation and the best part is that everyone usually has some ginger sitting somewhere in their kitchen.

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    Eat These

    An essential amino acid known as lysine is important in fighting cold sores. Foods rich in lysine should be consumed at a higher rate to aid healing. Such foods are:

    - red meat
    - milk
    - eggs
    - fish

    Make sure that you eat these types of foods while having a cold sore. They will definitely help it heal quickly.

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    Echinacea can be purchased in both pill form as well as liquid drops that are mixed with water. Consuming this herb will help your cold sores heal. You can find Echinacea at most convenient stores. This can provide some effective relief for your cold sores.

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    Black Currant

    If possible, black currant extract can be consumed which can aid in the treatment and healing of cold sores. You should find black current extract at the supermarket. Use just a little of this extract for excellent results in helping to heal your cold sores.

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    Visit Doctor

    If your cold sore are very painful or are not going healing properly then it might be a good idea to visit your doctor for a checkup. He or she is in a good position to check out your cold sores and possibly prescribe some strong prescription medication that can prove to be very useful. Your doctor might also give you a diet plan that you can follow to help prevent more cold  sores from forming in the future.

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