Use Google Chrome Extension for Remote Desktop

Google Chrome has released an extension that will allow the Remote Desktop feature to work. While it is in beta at the moment, it allows remote access to another computer using the Chrome browser, regardless of the operating system e.g. Windows, Linux or Mac, etc.

This Chrome extension can be used for direct assistance in case a user runs into software problems on his/her computer. Its protocol is based on several technologies Google: open library libjingle, which support the transport of UDP and TCP, through a Google relay.

– Session is established over SSL- connection.
– For structured data used proobuf (Protocolbuffers)
– Compressed codec VP8 schedule

If you are looking to help a friend or take help from one, this guide will tell you how to use Google Chrome extension for accessing the remote desktop feature.


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    Installing Remote Desktop Chrome on your computer:

    You will have to search for Chrome Remote Desktop by going to the Chrome Web Store. When you find the application, click on it to install to your computer.

    Once installed, Chrome Remote Desktop application will now be located in the app section of your Chrome browser.

    Make sure that you take your time while downloading and installing the Chrome Remote Desktop application. You want everything to be properly installed and functional.

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    Method for sharing your computer:

    You will have to launch the Chrome Remote Desktop application by going to the app section of your Chrome Browser. Then find the Share this computer option and give all the necessary details to allow Chrome Remote Desktop application access to certain information to allow you to share your computer.

    You will basically want an access code that you can send to the person who wants to use your desktop remotely through this application. The code is only applicable for a single session as it will change the next time you want to share your computer.

    Once you get the code, you can give it to the person you want to use your computer remotely using this application.

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    If you face any issues while using these instructions then you can always go to the 'Help' sections of Chrome Remote Desktop application. If you do not find what you are looking for then you can always visit one of the many different websites or forums that specifically deal with Google Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop application. You will find many expert users that are willing to give you some assistance. However, be sure to check out the older posts in the forums as your query might have already been answered. You can find many different video tutorials that can also help you a great deal with Chrome Remote Desktop.

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