How to Have a Baby in Dubai as an Expat

Your newborn baby is no doubt a blessing, precious little angel, and an awesome gift from heaven above. However, if you are an Expat in Dubai, then you need to know about their policies regarding having a baby. Getting pregnant and delivering a baby in Dubai requires proper planning and legal procedures to be followed. It is a Muslim state and possesses some strict Islamic rules. For example, you cannot think of getting pregnant before your marriage. Otherwise you will be in great trouble, getting punishments in the form of jail and deportation. Moreover, there are some legal procedures involved in the maternity care, delivery of baby and after birth formalities. Therefore, go through this simple but very useful guide of step by step to know about the criteria of having a baby in Dubai:


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    Get an idea of Pregnancy Laws of Dubai

    Dubai has its own laws regarding getting pregnancy. Expecting a child prior to marriage is considered an unforgivable crime. Therefore, the best thing you can do is follow the Pregnancy Laws in Dubai in order to avoid any kind of problem in the form of consequences and penalties.

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    Get a proper maternity care until your delivery

    There are many private and government hospitals in Dubai, offering one of the world’s best pre-natal, post-natal ante-natal and delivery facilities. Find out about the Maternity Care & Delivering a Baby in Dubai.

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    Get an Attested Birth Certificate for your Newborn Baby

    Getting a birth certificate for a new born baby is one among the very essential responsibilities of parents. It is a sort of identity of your child. Learn about the smooth processes to Get Birth Certificate in Dubai and enjoy some amazing benefits offered by the Government of Dubai.

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    Apply Passport for your Newborn Baby

    Passport is the basic requirement for the international travelling of your child. Applying and getting a passport in Dubai is a straightforward process. Check out how to get Passport for Children Born in Dubai.

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