Health and Safety Requirements at Work

According to the labour law, each employer must not only ensure the safety of the workplace, but also to provide the necessary information and instructions for all workers, as well as provide training and exercise control over the observance of safety. After all, the life and health of the employees is one of the most important issues.

The order of development of any labour safety instructions have been approved by the Ministry of Labour. According to them, labour safety instructions are developed for the employee on the basis of his or her position, the type of work or profession, or on the basis of cross-sectored industry standard with subject to certain conditions of production.


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    Organize a meeting for all employees of your business. At this meeting explain the key requirements of labour protection in detail. Namely, features, security, methods of work, the route passes, the requirements for clothing and footwear, etc.

    Safety briefing is held once a month at a specific number. It is desirable that this should be done at the beginning of the month. After a briefing ask all the employees to sign the instruction manual as an acknowledgement.

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    The organization of labour should exist in each production facility. It should include a list of measures aimed at ensuring the safety of people in the organization, as well as compensation for work in hazardous environments.

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    In order to guard in the enterprise, you need to hire a staff member to be assigned to an engineer for safety or to create an entire service. The engineer will have to monitor the timely briefing on safety, conduct job evaluation and control the actions of groups on access to certain types of work. Alternatively, you can take advantage of third-party accredited institution that will deal with functions of the department of labour protection for your enterprise.

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    At work, in every department, it is imperative to have a magazine for the instruction on safety.

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    All employees engaged in hazardous work, should get free clinical nutrition as per the rules. If you cannot offer them any nutritious food, milk can always help. Failing to do so, the option is to pay them in terms of money.

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    Ensure the production of certified equipment and tools. Employees working in the laboratory need individual protection, you need to give them clothing and shoes to keep them safe from the scientific equipment if any. Each of the members of the organization must hold a certificate for safety and assigned a certain group tolerance.

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