How Do Astronomers Study the Stars

Astronomers are those scientist that study different aspects of the universe which include planets, stars and other galaxies. Stars are basically huge balls of plasma which are very luminous. Astronomers need to understand many different things while trying to study stars as there are so many elements that need to be equated.


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    Giant telescopes that are located around the world are used by astronomers to observe many different stars. These telescopes are extremely powerful and capable of seeing celestial bodies that exist far away. Many of these high powered telescopes can calculate different things like distance and the type of light that a particular star is emitting. Once this information is calculated by an astronomer, a general profile about the star can be recorded. It is important for an astronomer to determine how hot a particular star is to help classify it. There are also different types of telescopes like those based on radio waves that are used to study the stars.

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    Astronomers use a tremendous amount of physics to help them calculate the size and distance of the stars. Most astronomers are fluent with many different aspects of physics to make scientific comparisons and classifications of various stars. Physics allows for complex equations that can calculate large numbers which represent celestial forces present in the galaxy.

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    In order to make massive calculations regarding the stars, astronomers use a ton of mathematics. These are very complicated equations that require a lot of components and a decent amount of time to solve, even on super computers. 

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    Astronomers also use chemistry to help identify the different elements that make up a star. This chemistry allows astronomers to classify the different components to help keep track of different stars. By studying the motion and the amount of light that a star emits, astronomers can determine the chemical composition of the star.

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    Computer Science:

    In order to calculate massive equations and factor in all elements through physics, chemistry and mathematics, astronomers also need to master computer science. There is no doubt that computers are needed to help calculate everything quickly. Very powerful computers are used by astronomers to help study the stars. In order to use these powerful machines, astronomers need to understand the different aspects of programming to help solve large mathematical equations.

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    Motion and Light:

    Astronomers use motion and light to understand and study the stars. The extreme distances between the stars can be calculated using these factors.

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