How Hard is it to Move to Dubai

Relocating to a new place is no doubt a tough task but moving to a new country is not just making a career move, it factually involves uprooting your family. But for a bachelor relocation is not as hard as it is for an entire family. Dubai is an expensive city to live in; however knowing cost of living in Dubai and planning accordingly before moving can help you in avoiding many serious issues.

Relocation involves visa procedures, co-ordination of utilities, looking for an appropriate place to live, children’s education, health and medical care etc. Moving to a new place means you have to start over again.

In order to steer clear the haphazard situations make a list and seek for an appropriate help.

So while planning to relocate in Dubai do consider the following points other than the legal documentation that is required by Visa & Immigration departments.


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    Pack your things:

    When you have decided to move start packing up your things which you wish to take along. Give away the ones that are not required. Make sure you keep relevant and important things with you because moving to another city is easy but moving to another country is far more difficult than you could imagine.

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    Find Location to Live:

    When you land in Dubai the most important thing is to find a location to live. In the beginning try opting for a cheap but furnished home because finding an expensive house and then furnishing it is not an ideal option. 

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    Relocation Allowance:

    Make sure you check whether your employment package contains any relocation allowance or not. This allowance offered by the company in which you work is used for the shipping of items. But if you are not being offered with the particular amount then do calculate the estimated amount before moving, in order to see whether you can afford it or not.

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    Relocation of Pets:

    You certainly cannot relocate your pets in the same manner as you would relocate your tangible things. Special pet relocators are present who surely know how important your preferred animal is. An adult holding a passport is allowed to take two pets along. Your pet will travel in the same flight as you but as a cargo. Once the pet arrives at the airport you will have to show your passport along with the Good Health Certificates, and Vaccination Certificate in order to take your pet home. In order to avoid any inconvenience make sure you start the paperwork of pet relocation as soon as possible.

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    Must Know the Prohibited Items:

    Items such as drugs, alcohol, religious or blasphemous books, any endangered animal items or arms and ammunitions are not allowed to be taken along by the custom regulations in Dubai.

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    Get Help of a Relocating Company:

    Contacting a relocating company is a good idea, because they might help you with several things which you might not consider. Make sure you contact a reputable and insured company. They will help you with the relocating task and make you aware about the charges and expenses that you will have to bare. Besides that with their assistance the process of relocation will become a smoother and easier task. Besides the relocation of your house the company is also capable of helping you in finding a good and affordable school, Utility connection management, home furnishing assistance, cultural information and events.

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