How to Travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

While Dubai is known as the party place for the whole world, Abu Dhabi is fast catching up. Both the cities spell out opulence with high rise buildings, modern infrastructure and recreational facilities. These are the two most favorite destinations for tourists worldwide.

Tourists and citizens both travel between the two neighboring cities frequently using several transport modes. Both of them have state of the art international airports and a well laid out system of roads that make travelling a lot easier and fun. The cities are at a distance of 150 km each. Our step by step guide has some suggestions for you when travelling between the two cities.


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    By car:

    There is a five lane highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a speed limit of 120km/hr. It is going to take you approximately 1.5 hours. Check the complete directions from Dubai to Abu Dhabi as a guide. If you do not own a car, you can avail the services of a car rental. Some of the most famous ones are

    - Arabian adventures
    - Hertz car hire
    - Europcar

    Another good handy option is to flag down a taxi and ask to go to Abu Dhabi. It will take you around 2 hours and will cost upto 250 dhs.

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    By bus:

    The bus service between Dubai and Abu Dhabi The Emirates Express operates daily from 5 30 am till 11 30 pm with a period of 45 minutes between each bus. It takes around 2 hours from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by bus and between Abu Dhabi and cost around 15 Dirhams. The buses leave from  Al Ghubaiba station in Bur Dubai (opposite Carrefour Shopping) in Dubai. This is a cheap and convenient way to travel. The buses are air conditioned and comfortable enough.

    If you want a bus from the airport, do contact your airline as most good airlines like ETIHAD (the national airline of UAE) offer complementary shuttle services between Dubai international Airport and Abu Dhabi coinciding with plane timings.

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    Take a flight:

    It is of course the easiest way to travel. However it surely is going to cost you more bucks than the other modes. Also, you have to register in advance before the flight. The flight from Dubai International airport to Abu Dhabi is going to take you  around 45 minutes.The airlines that provide this service are

    - Emirates
    - Etihad
    - British Airways

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