Summer Surprises Festival Dubai

Dubai is a prolific city with huge development programs pulling crowds and fans from around the world. It is neither just a jungle of captivating sky-scrapers, nor of grand shopping malls. Dubai is much more than all that, and an integral part of it are the festivals that are frequently arranged and hosted.

One of these is the Dubai Summer Surprises festival that is on its way to the 16th edition, after being held 15 times. This festival presents in summers what Dubai Shopping Festival offers in winters – lots of shopping opportunities, fun and excitement!

The festival is ideal for children and families, with multiple stalls catering for them. The young ones can not only shop and play but also engage in several educational activities.


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    Dubai Summer Surprises started 14 years ago in 1998 and has stepped up to become one of the most anticipated events. This is obvious by the large scale consumer spending that has been recorded over the years.

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    - There is a Kid’s Fashion Week in which kids model in different clothes while the adults thoroughly enjoy and cheer on.
    - 6000+ stores participate, offering people a chance to shop till they drop!
    - There is ‘Modhesh World’ which is a huge ‘edutainment’ place that has different themed areas. These have products and activities for young toddlers, kids and teenagers.
    - Different malls arrange events, concerts and exhibitions.
    - Many products/services are provided on discounted rates. These include spa treatments and beauty products as well.
    - Cartoon shows are organized for children.

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    Important Dates

    As  the name suggests, the festival is always held in summers, with June and July being the most probable months.

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    The duration varies, but the festival usually runs over a period of 4 weeks.

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    How to Contact The Management

    Different shopping malls take part in the festival. But the head office can be contacted in case you want to get in touch with the management or have any queries. You can either use this link to fill the contact form or give them a call at the number given below.

    Telephone: +971 4 445 5642

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    How to Get Involved in the Festival

    One of the best things about Dubai Summer Surprises is that people can get involved and be a part of it. For example; children can register as young models for the Kid’s Fashion week. A competition is arranged in which different fashion items are prepared by children and then the best one wins. Retailers can also be a part of the festival by filling out a form. Call on the number given above for more information.

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    It is held in various shopping malls of Dubai simultaneously.

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