Turkmenistan Tourist Visit Visa Requirements in Dubai

Turkmenistan has no Embassy in Dubai for that reason residents of the state have to get their tourist and other types of visas from their Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Since the two states are a part of United Arab Emirates so there wouldn’t be any problem for the locals to access the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Abu Dhabi. Others can get in touch with the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Abu Dhabi to know how they can apply for the tourist visa of the country. In order to visit the top attractions in the country such as Arch of Neutrality, Lenin Square, Orthodox Church of Alexander Nevsky, Ertogrulgazi Mosque and Carpet Museum. However, to know the process to get Turkmenistan tourist visit visa from Dubai, see this step by step guide.


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    Fill one complete visa form of Turkmenistan.

    Glue one fresh passport size photograph to the visa form. Do not staple the photograph to the form.

    Write dates in order of day-month-year.

    Provide a signed passport with minimum 6 months validity period. Also provide a photocopy of its first page that should be showing bearer’s details and signature. This copy should be arranged upright into the upper part of a standard letter size paper.

    Provide the original passport to Turkmenistan Embassy for visa processing.

    Provide a letter of invitation from the inviter or company to be visited authorized by the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan. The invitation should be valid for 3 months from the date it was confirmed.

    If the applicant is travelling as a tourist and will not be meeting anyone in Turkmenistan then, he or she must get in touch with any of travel and tourism agencies or companies in Turkmenistan for instance "Turkmen Syyahat" Telephone # +993 12 35 4777. Or visit the Turkmenistan tourist website for additional information and services available.

    UAE residents must also deposit a copy of their ID card along with the visa form.

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    Visa Application Form

    All applicants must acquire the new 2008 version of visa application form either from the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Abu Dhabi.

    Address: Al Safarat - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates. view map
    +971 2 449 1088
    Visit Embassy of Turkmenistan Website

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    Visa Fee

    To find out about the exact tourist visa fee of Turkmenistan speak to the authorities at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Abu Dhabi.

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    Mode of Payment

    The mode of payment for the visa fee is cash in US dollars only. For further queries in this regard make contact with the authorities at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Abu Dhabi.

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    Check List

    Provide one visa application for each person.

    Provide passport and its copy as mentioned in Step 1.

    Provide one passport style photo and glue it to the application.

    Pay visa fee in cash only to the Embassy of Turkmenistan.

    Provide authentic letter of invitation.

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    Visa applications and supporting papers can be submitted by visiting the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Abu Dhabi or consult with the authorities from the consular section of the embassy to find out if there are any other ways to submit documents.

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    Processing Time

    Usually the processing time period of the visa application takes nearly 3 to 10 working days. However, atypical cases processing can take more than aforementioned working period.

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    Collect Visa

    In order to collect your visa after it is granted to you, ask the authorities at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Abu Dhabi about the collection procedure of the passport.

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