How to Access Divorce Records

Divorce documents or record is not a confidential matter. They are kept either in family courts or in the county office where the parties have filed for divorce. Generally in many countries family courts are moved to seek divorce from a spouse and they are the possessing authorities of all the record, including the documents about efforts for reconciliation between the two parties.

For any reason if you want to access the divorce record, you can access it easily. It does not require a permission or any approval from any authority to do so. Even the divorced parties do not have claim on the record and they cannot prevent it being accessed and evaluated.

In case of family courts, it is better you inform the court registrar in advance about the matter so at the time of your arrival you do not face any delays or hurdles. If you are student carrying out an analysis or any relative of the divorced party or any authority seeking to compile data on the divorces, you can access the record.


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    Know Information of Divorced Parties

    You should know beforehand whose divorce record you are seeking. For example, it can be a public figure, a politician or a sport personality. You should also know where the divorce paper were filed, the county and the court etc.

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    Contact Relevant Department

    You can contact the county record office if you know the divorce was filed their. In case of a family court, you should contact the registrar office of that court to let him know about the record you want to access. It is possible that the relevant department has a different name in your country, but you should contact the department for seeking the information no by what name it is known.

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    Fill Out Paperwork and Submit It

    In some countries you may not be allowed to access actual divorce papers and other related record. In that case, fill out all the paperwork and submit it with all required details into the office. It is for you then wait for the reply.

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    Review Documents for Record

    You should check the paperwork if it contains the right information, what you have request for. Some times a matching record can be duplicated and you end up receiving wrong information. So thoroughly check the paperwork.

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