How to Ace the On-Stage Interview at a Beauty Pageant

Beauty Pageants are not only judged on the beauty of the contestant. There are also other factors involved. There is an interview of the contestant on the stage in which every participant is given some time to speak on which they are marked by the judges. There are certain factors that need to be taken into account when you are giving the interview. You have to be confident throughout and the use of the time has to be efficient. You must be looking at the judges at all times and make sure you are enthusiastic when you speak at the stage.


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    Use the time effectively

    Each contestant has a limited time to prove herself and you have to make the most of that time. You may have about 20 seconds for yourself on the stage and you will have to prove to the judges in that time that you deserve it. It is extremely important that whatever you talk is relevant. Try not to exaggerate and remain up to the point during your speech.

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    Remain confident

    Confidence is the most important thing. You must be confident at all times while you are at the stage. Make sure whatever you do is with confidence. The ramp walk and the talk should show your confidence to the judges.

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    Look at the judges while speaking

    Whenever you speak, make sure you have a look at the judges at regular intervals. This will give you further confidence to speak and will also make the judges feel that they are important. 

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    Speak with passion

    You should speak with enthusiasm when you are on the stage as that will show how serious you are for this title. A speech with no passion at all can give negative signals to the judges so keep that in mind.

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    Do not be loud

    You have to make sure that you are not loud when you are giving your speech. The voice also matters and no matter how confident you are, the pitch of your voice has to be at a certain level. You can practice this before that contest so that you perfect it by the time the contest arrives.

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