How to Add Images to PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is the number one program when it comes to make presentations. PowerPoint enters this field as an initiator, and maintained the standards afterwards. The best thing about this wonderful application is that it is extremely easy to use. So, if you have a presentation to make, all you need a computer and Microsoft PowerPoint.

A presentation with images is considered to be a tricky thing to prepare. But it can be done with the help of a few very simple techniques. You don’t need to take the data to a designer. Do it yourself, and you would realise how easy it is to add images to the PowerPoint presentations.


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    First of all, you are required to copy the image. If you are on the internet, use the right button of your mouse, and select the option that says ‘Copy Image’. You can also get the menu by pressing the little ‘options’ key on your keyboard.

    If you are using Mac, you are supposed to hold down the ‘Control Key’ and click. Another click on the image will help you copy the image from the internet.

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    It is the time to open PowerPoint. Click on the icon, or look for Microsoft PowerPoint in the ‘Start’ menu. If you have already prepared an image-free presentation, open it. Otherwise, choose ‘New’ after clicking on ‘File’ at the top right side of the window.

    Now paste your image into the PowerPoint by simply pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘V’ keys at the same time. Another simple method of pasting the image is to select ‘Paste’ after pressing right button of your mouse.

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    The image will be added to your presentation. You can adjust its dimensions and location afterwards. If the image is already in your computer, you can easily add it to the presentation by simply ‘Dragging and Dropping’.

    For this, left-click on the image and hold the button. Now drag it into your PowerPoint. Hold the image over the PowerPoint rectangle and once it pops up, you are supposed to release the key. The image will automatically drop in. You can use your mouse to move the image around later on.

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