How to Add Your YouTube Videos to Pinterest

Unless you establish a good clear-cut strategy for your Pinterest activities, you will be doing nothing but wasting your time. Pinterest is not for those who use more words than pictures. Even a million words cannot have more impact than a 10-second video.

YouTube is a great source of videos. A lot of people even make good money through their YouTube channels. Pinterest is probably the platform to promote your videos. Try this medium, and you will experience a big difference.

After creating your YouTube channel, one can easily make sure that each video is optimised, and gets maximum number of views. Pinterest helps you significantly in this regard. Adding YouTube videos to Pinterest is a very easy thing to do. But if you have not done it before, you need to take a few simple steps very carefully.


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    First of all, make sure you have an active YouTube channel.

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    Branding your videos is very important. It means that you add an intro and outro to your video to give the viewers an idea about the main source. The Pinterest users don’t need to open a separate page to play the video, as it opens inside the platform. Branding is important, because the views will be having no information about the channel. You can try adding an image watermark or URL.

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    Pinterest board should be for the YouTube channel specifically. This will help you get maximum traffic, because Pinterest brings viewers both from inside its community as well as Google. When naming your board, choose appropriate keywords.

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    Now, it is the time to fetch your embedded YouTube link to crop the video into Pinterest. Click on the ‘Share’ button right under the YouTube video, and a dropdown box containing the link will appear. Make sure you fetch the longer link.

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    In order to add any YouTube video to Pinterest, you need to add a pin, and subsequently copy the embedded into ‘Add a Pin’ box.

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    Selecting the appropriate board, and adding description are also very important steps. Since you have created a board particularly for the YouTube videos, you must not face any difficulty in selecting the board you want your videos to be featured on.

    You have 500 characters to add a fascinating description. However, make sure the text contains all the keywords. Don’t forget to add the complete URL for your blog to the description box. Click on ‘Pin It’ to add the video to Pinterest.

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